Friday, 22 January 2010

MacBook Fail! GDC Win!

Well, seems like my MacBook's hard drive has decided to die! Which means I can't actually code anything, but it does mean I can write a small blog entry! I haven't really lost anything of note - everything is source controlled up - just today's few bits and pieces on BlueTooth code are gone. (Note to self, hurry up and buy that Terabyte Drive to back up the source control every week or something!).

So news is, Project FvD was going well, but is now obviously delayed. MiniSquadron Extended is also delayed - but there isn't too much to do on that except wait for the new art to arrive and to balance up the new levels.

As I mentioned before - I shall be at GDC and will be happy to meet up with random indies/publishers or whoever - just leave a message or email me and we can hook up on a free evening. It's quite a tight schedule so book early to avoid disappointment! (as if there will be a lot of people dying to meet me - Massive Eagle Alert).

Now....time to get that haircut while I wait for Genius (Al Harding The Hero) to get my new harddrive


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  2. I thought you use a Mac Mini. Did that die too?
    (editing a typo resulted in a "This post has been removed by the author")

  3. I use a second hand MacBook - you can see it here: