Sunday, 28 February 2010

Fox Vs Duck! New Game Alert!

Finally, I can update my blog! The reason I've been away was I was busy finishing off a brand new game called Fox Vs Duck! So far, the only thing revealed about it is a teaser trailer (see it here, although the game is now in submission at Apple so it will be revealed pretty soon what its all about. Currently also moshing a gameplay video together to show how to play it!

So one of the fun things we're messing around with is actually using ChatRoulette to "subversively" advertise the game with a silly video. I just wanted to try it for no reason except that it amuses me ^__^ hee! For those who don't know what ChatRoulette is, it isn't a gambling device with cats invented by the French (as cool as that may sound), but is in fact a video chat program on the web, which randomly pairs you up with people who also happen to be on at the same time as you. It is also well known how to feed a fake video into your webcam (using ManyCam on the Mac for example) so using this bit of knowledege, I decided to ask Artist Dave to make this video of a fox:

On top of that, Artist Dave then went on to write an automated script to type things into the text box - so it "chats" to random people about Foxes and Ducks. We then left this on and let it do its evil work!

I don't really think this is anything serious but it was fairly amusing to read some of the responses :D

So GDC is next week, I will be loitering around the entrance - better get some American Dollars...


  1. ooh i wanted some screen shots!

  2. Really cool story for you!

    I saw an ad for Fox Vs. Duck on my chess app. I looked it up on the app store and, being a fan of minimalism, I bought it. I subsequently suggested that Jay Bibby of the popular review the game on his website.

    Here is his review of the game!

    I hope it helps your business! It's a cool game!

  3. Wow thanks man! You're the kind of person I make games for, its reaching out to people and seeing that I can make you have some fun! WOO!

  4. Hi there,

    since I can't seem to find an email adress I thought I just leave a comment. I purchased Fox vs Duck 5 min ago for my iPhone 4 ( iOS4) and it crashes when I try to start it. Any help with that?

  5. Fox vs Duck has been crashing since I upgraded to iOS4. Hopefully you are aware of this and will provide an update soon. I am posting this comment just in case you are not aware there is a problem. Please fix it, I love playing this game! I find it so calming and would play several times a day for five or ten minutes each session. Please fix fox vs duck.