Wednesday, 23 September 2009

First Trailer for Mini Squadron Out!

Hi! My name is Tak and I am the developer behind Mini Squadron. I will be using this blog to hopefully keep people up to date on the progress of this game, and when it will be out for you to play (SOON he says, end of October/Early Nov +/- App Store Submission process malarkey).

The idea and ethos with Mini Squadron is to bring a high quality, frenetic shoot-em-up to the iPhone, taking inspiration from old-skool games such as BIP on the Amiga (or BiPlane War I think before that on PC?) Wings of Fury, JetStrike and many other similar shooty games with lots of lil' planes (^3^). I also love the games by Treasure (especially Ikaruga), and crazy japanese shooters such as Parodius, and I hope to get some of the originality and silliness of those games into Mini Squadron to make people chuckle whilst playing!


  1. The old PC game was called Sopwith:

  2. Wow thats the one - crikey talk about OLD skool - 1984!!

  3. Go man! I'll be first in line for a copy.
    - Fran

  4. Thanks Fran!! I did realtime (well...30fps) motion blur in the game just for you :oD

  5. Hi Tak, I like the look of Mini Squadron. Now perhaps I am just being nostalgic but I prefer similar game called "Biplane" made for the Amiga back in 1992. I wonder if you can get a licence to build it for the iPhone or some other platform.

    Information on that original Biplane game is at:

  6. Oh you young ones :-) The original is Bi-Planes for Mattel Intellivision, year 1981.


  7. BiPlane on the Amiga was *sweet*. It sparked the original inspiration for MiniSquadron - but I don't know if you can get a license for iPhone. I know there are a few ports of it for Amiga Emus out there...or just buyy Mini Squadron! There will be Wifi Multiplayer! :oD

  8. Hello,
    I found you through touchArcade. At the moment I'm working on my masters theses. It's theme is AppStore entrepreneurship. It's going to be a single case study, but I'm hoping to continue to PhD-studies next fall, and then I'll have a multi case approach. The way I see it, your blog would make good material for the study + I'd want to interview you as well. Well, it's not yet time for all that (writing the theoretical framework to this masters study is killing me, so it might be, I'll never make it any further!), but I still want wish you the best of luck!

    Sun aitis, who might end up knocking behind your door later on!