Saturday, 26 September 2009

Youtube vidtastic

Wow, so overwhelmingly positive reaction to the trailer that was released last Wednesday! Very happy with that, especially to the guys at toucharcade and the forums (^__^). There were some common questions that popped up so I thought I'd write a short reply to all of them in one go here.

1) When's it out: I am planning to complete coding and submit end of October/Early November. So it should be available whenever Apple is happy with it after this period. It's a deadline I have set myself and which I hope to keep to, but making games is a funny old thing, you really can't always tell what might happen. It is important to me to make it polished and fun first, so if it's not up to my internal standards then it may need to be cooked a bit further. Until its TASTY.

2) Levels + Ting: There should be 8 levels in total, each one with its own graphical style. Each level is an area of aerial combat and you take down a succession of waves. There are right now 7 distinct weapon types. Balancing this many variables is difficult but there may be some planes that are more amusing than others but maybe not as effective in combat!

3) Multiplayer: I hope to get 1 versus 1 Local Wifi multiplayer going in Version 1. The focus is going to be the single player but 1v1 multiplayer is definitely something I want to get in there so people can go head to head!

4) The music in the trailer: is Mozart's Symphony No. 40. I'm so refined in my musical tastes (and not, for example, choosing it because it's not copyrighted).

Er, I'm sure there's loads more questions - feel free to post them in the comments!


  1. How will mini squadron control? Does the plane follow your finger, plus tap to fire? Please don't tell me it's accelerometer controlled...

  2. Hi! Mini Squadron is controlled in the old fashioned way - touchpad and fire button :o) If you watch the videos you can see them in action (Im actually playing the game via my own network control from another iPhone somewhere else, thats why you dont see my fingers).

    The very first prototypes used the accelerometer. It was not successful (>__<)