Friday, 2 October 2009

An interview with PocketGamer.Biz

Not long ago I had a brief interview with about being a One-man band. The interview is here. I thought it would be amusing to also post a picture of my coding environment so here it is, with annotations (click on it to make it go big):

The PC is lying flat, NOT because it's the only way to fit it under the desk - theres plenty of room, but because the lock for the CPU Fan has actually SNAPPED OFF (how the hell did that happen?!?) so if I stand it up, the fan will literally fall off the side and the CPU will overheat immediately. The Fan is basically using the power of Gravity to sit on the CPU to keep it cool. In fact - *right now as I'm typing using this computer* - if I decide to play video or something CPU intensive - the machine will just switch off. "Extreme" coding...Extremely sh*t more like. (>__>)

I use my iPhone 3G to test, but I do most of my dev on a borrowed iPod Touch 1st Gen - so I optimise for the lowest device. This has proven to be a good tactic generally - it *really* flies on the 3GS.

From this glamorous environment - *MAGIC HAPPENS.

*Crash Bugs


  1. I remember those rubbish speakers! I can also see the CU sticker on your calculator. Glad to see you're not throwing your wealth around too frivolously.

  2. Haha! Nice one phil! Yeah that bad boy CU calculator still does my sums. Although to be fair those sums are trivial now that I don't really use any "real" maths :o)