Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Beta Testing, Preview Building, PR Building and SCARIES

I've had a lot of requests for beta testing, and as such I have been in contact with a few people to let them have a go on the Beta Build of the game, and to see what they think along with discovering any more bugs I may have missed. I think this is how I will go about doing the beta - slowly extending it if required to the people who have asked. It's actually quite a bit of work managing it and providing builds and fixes - so keeping it small and growing it slowly works for me. At the moment it seems to be OK, no real horror bugs yet (phew).

So along with the testing, I am still waiting for assets to turn up. Things have been busy for the artists so they're gonna be trickling in slowly. So in order not to waste time - I've made a preview build with what I've got and submitted the previews to a bunch of websites who were kind enough to ask me for them (TouchArcade, SlideToPlay and AppAdvice). Let's see what they say about it when they've had a go!

Which leads me onto this whole PR malarkey. It's a pretty nerve-wracking time for me, as well as a lot of *nothing*. I kinda write the emails - fire them off....and then wait. I'm really proud and confident of the game and I think it easily stands up to the best games in its category thats out there - but NONE OF THAT MATTERS if no one knows about it. This is TEH GREAT FEARZ. Maybe I just need to shout louder and with more physical force? At any rate, it's going fairly well for the moment but I will need to explode a lot more. I shall save that explosion when I have the App submitted (which will definitely be 1st or 2nd week of November now) so that people can go straight to the App Store and get it.

Here's a picture of a crazy halloween kitty whilst out visiting Bruce Lee when I was in Seattle. I think she likes Mini Squadron. Pity she has no fingers to play it with.

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