Friday, 30 October 2009

Screenshots of new planes!

I've just had some more WORK IN PROGRESS artwork for the planes come in by my artist. They're the beginner planes and they look so damn cute I just had to post them up here - LOOK AT THE BLOBBY PLANE!

I'm just about to head off to get some SFX and BGM now, I've already had all the Voice Overs sent over by The Whitney, I'll see if I can work out how to post the raw recording as it's pretty funny** to hear people try to invent noises for "Octopus Dying".

** Read: Disturbing


  1. Haha! Your right they are pretty darn cute.. cant believe I just said that word lol. Is it just me though or are the 2 on the right the same??? Hope I wasnt too late for beta test by the way, I have commented the previous blog.

  2. Ohhhhh wait I just saw the teeth, yep they are different alright hahaha! Hows progress man? Stressed out yet, or feelin the end is nigh?

  3. Quite stressy - but glad it's almost there - can't wait to submit and then send builds to everyone to review!

  4. If it has the old magic simplicity of biplanes' gameplay along with bomberman multiplayer mayhem, it will am iphone classic. Looks stunning almost studio ghibli credentials!