Friday, 16 April 2010

G4TV's Electric Playground Interview

At GDC, Electric Playground's Jose did an interview with me about MiniSquadron, Fox Vs Duck and things indie - and I've embedded the video below. Sadly, because I live in the UK, I havent been able to watch this (it has said it'll be available tomorrow for a few weeks now), I have tried all the US proxies etc and none of them worked. In the end I DID manage to watch it - using the following bizarre method:

1) My friend (also in the UK) has an account with SkyFire, and for some bizarre reason he can stream the video to his Windows Mobile Phone (with sound).
2) So, I use my Mac to Skype with him, unfortunately his webcam doesn't work - so I end up listening to the video
3) I then used my PC to use webchat over MSN Live Messenger in order to view his Mobile which was held up to his webcam
4) I then watched the video through god knows how many links of disassociation!

Just an anecdote that amused me more than anything, but hopefully my American/Canadian friends can watch it here (BE WARNED - it would appear I speak waaaay too fast - like some kinda Gibbering Man):

EDIT: And obviously I can watch it in the embedded link below in the UK *doh*


  1. You call that speaking fast???!!!

    I felt that was like watching you talking in Slow Mo..

    Funging-awesome anyway!


  2. FUNGING AWESOME!! oh dear...