Wednesday, 28 April 2010

MiniSquadron Special Edition Press

So MiniSquadron SE has been out for a few days now - massive reaction to it, currently it sits at #11 in both Arcade and Action charts in the USA!! Strangely - it's not getting a look in the UK, but I think that's due to the fact I haven't updated MiniSquadron 1 to let people know about it, and also because it hasn't been featured yet (unlike in the US).

I want to actually write down a whole bunch of links to the press that MiniSquadron SE has received, but in particular I've appeared in articles in Edge - which is really fun! Check em out!

Edge Friday Game Studio
Edge How To Make It As An Indie
Cool Interview at NoDPad (mostly about Fox Vs Duck but hey whatever)
Touch Arcade Review
AppAdvice Review
CNet Review
Appera Review
TouchMyApps Review TOUCHED!


  1. Try as I might, I'm unable to get Bluetooth multiplayer working. Any info as to how this is done?

  2. Oh dear, it should work just like Wifi multiplayer - in that one person kicks off the multiplayer session, and player 2 clicking "join" until a game is matched. You may want to try it with Wifi first, or failign that make sure BT is actually switched on, on both devices. Try to be close together too. For warmth.

  3. Hello, I saw your site on the Guardian's technology section and have a few questions.

    1. What framework did you use for your game? It looks like Cocos2d but I can't be sure.

    2. Where did you go to learn the syntax, the language, etc; are there courses, etc you would recommend?