Saturday, 28 November 2009

#All The Single Ladies# skewed demographic of MiniSquadron (at least those watching the trailer on YouTube) (click through for larger - stupid blogger won't let me post full res jpgs - anyone?):

100% Males between the age of 18-24 + 2 girls (Mel from and Bonnie Eisenman from - only 1 picture of face found).

I would ask ladies to tweet me a pic of you playing MiniSquadron but that is both highly dodgy and highly unlikely. ┐('~`;)┌


  1. How to score 20000 points in just 2 waves to unlock some planes?
    Is it possible to do it?

  2. Yes!

    Cluster Bombs would be my weapon of choice. Avoid getting hit to build your score multiplier with each kill.

    Mmmm Cluster Bombs...

  3. That pie-chart is hilarious!

    Don't know if you could add some functions with planes creating "smoke shapes" for points in bright, primary colours; that might tempt!