Monday, 9 November 2009

HAHA! I made it to Submission!

Well after a lot of frantic faffing (actually, frantic is completely the wrong word to use. Cutting/editting video and "making HTML" and then sitting around waiting for the upload bar to hit 100% over many hours is more like it) I have actually got MiniSquadron submitted to the App Store and also made a dang WEBSITE using HTML and these things called CSS stylesheet and ting! Check it out here Quite chuffed with myself getting the domain name but also highly miffed at why it doesn't come up in Google searches. Stupid blog takes the top spot instead! Gah but Yay! but Gah.

So while this is going through the approval process, I shall now attempt to work out the order I should be sending out preview/review/Promo Code/random PR material to people/contacts/twitter etc. It's pretty confusing to be honest, I have already sent out the actual submission build for review to the Top Guys & Gals, but obviously they would probably have the most news and other important stuff to run through first. Let's hope they love MiniSquadron - and the Pink Bunny Plane called Biff - that they skip the rest and shove it on their front page immediately! Come on guys - PINK BUNNY PLANE BIFF!

I leave you with my beautiful video which I lovingly crafted and even more lovingly uploaded at a rough rate of 0.001 bits per second over what felt like 2 years. Enjoy!


  1. I am SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS! I've been looking for a spiritual successor to BIP on the Amiga for YEARS, and this looks like it's the one! Keep me in mind if you're ever giving out comp codes for this thing ;-)

  2. If you want it to come up in google searches, you need to link to other people and have other people link to you. Write blog posts with your site linked in the sig, hassle reviewers to write reviews, etc.

    Been struggling with this a bit myself, over @

    Tom Schulz