Saturday, 7 November 2009

Why So Long?

So now that MiniSquadron has been announced for a while, and especially with the initial wave of excitement which entailed from that, I have learnt something about the world of "keeping interest going". In other words, how to make the news in a timely fashion. For all indie devs out there, and in particular one man bands like me, you should know that it takes A HUGE AMOUNT OF TIME to keep posting interesting things - including writing blogs and what have you. This is ON TOP of developing the game - which NEVER STOPS. Right now, even after the build is "finalised" (whatever that means) I am still spending HOURS playing through it REPEATEDLY (I just had a break from a 4 hour repeat playthroughs). This is on top of the beta testers (yay) that have been helping me. I do this to spot bugs but also to do one of the greatest challenges of all in making a game - making it *balanced* and *fun*. And you can almost never get it right. I can only imagine what the makers of Mario must have felt when they played such a perfect game - I hope to experience it one day but that day is far far away but at the same time nearer and nearer as I gain more experience.

And not just that, I'm also having to record and cut a new gameplay video, design and make a half decent Splash page website, make screenshots, eat etc. And also become slightly paranoid at why no one bothered with the preview builds I sent them apart from PocketGamer. I'm pretty sure I must have done some horrendous timing or something or the format was wrong or *gulp* I'm just not very news-worthy YET (where's my fame?! Maybe I should go on X-Factor).

Anyway - here's something that I did to encourage myself to finish this game. I have a pair of lovely Adidas Trainers which I bought in Tokyo which are now almost 4 years old and literally falling apart (thank you Loctite). I promised myself I wouldn't get new shoes until I've got my first pay cheque from the game and so's been a rubbish incentive because they're still really comfortable. I just wanted an excuse to show you a photo of them (notice the lovely varying height of the sole - its not the angle of the photo):

My name is Tak and I give you pictures of old trainers in lieu of actual game graphics.


  1. Something to make you feel better, when it comes to reviews, previews and choosing new games to buy I only follow PocketGamer, and it is the most popular review website for the iphone and ipod touch. So dont feel bad, you got your fame on the best website for it and I just know your game is gunna do well, ima tell everyone I know to buy it haha. And yeh.. you probably do need a new pair of shoes!!

  2. Hi Tak,

    If you want to send a preview build, we're a bit of a smaller site, but I'd be happy to take a look and offer feedback and post some info on the site. I can provide you with a UDID.


    -Brett Nolan - Founder/Editor in Chief
    Twitter: OTGGamer

  3. Well done on a great game, website looks freakin amazin and makes me want the game sooooo much more! You are a credit to yourself and deserve everything you gain from this game and I wish you the best of luck. Bring on the release now! Speak soon with my thoughs (obviously praise) about the game =). Tom.

  4. Thanks Tom! Lets hope it goes smoothly through Apple!