Thursday, 5 November 2009

Complete Set Of Planes!

Well, at 2am a couple of nights ago, my artist Dave Ferner has given me the complete set of planes! So I want to share this with you, as these are the babies you can collect up, if you can get that HiScore! (I've blacked out most of them but you can guess at what they are from the silhouette :o))

On top of that - I thought I'd post some of the sprite work as well - I've always enjoyed looking at sprite pages when I played Amiga games so here are some (wow thats quite a lot - click through for more detail!):

In other news, I will spend a couple more days to tie up the stats of the planes to the actual sprite, and then SUBMIT SUBMIT (゚Д゚;≡;゚Д゚)


  1. Well they only look... Freakin Awesome!!!
    Really cant wait now mate, congrats on evryfink, its gunna be such an epic game.

  2. Thanks Tom! I hope so too - but we can only wait and see!

  3. Great looking stuff... one question though, why not have the plane tilt up / down a little when turning? You've got the sprites for it, would be a nice little graphical flourish that would add a lot!